The Adventure Begins


531382_4417387756828_161179269_nIt all started with a Senior Psych homework assignment in high school. Senior Psych is the class that every second semester dreams of: one homework assignment a week, no tests, no notes. Class consists of mapping our development from early childhood through senior year, taking into account birth order, formational friendships, personality tests, and the like. Often, we would watch shows to aid us, such as the Wonder Years, which is an indomitable homage to those perplexing middle school days when we were incapable of stringing together a sentence without revealing that palate expander lisp or when tripping up stairs with our gawkish and unfortunate gait would suggest we had never before walked on land. Besides looking into our past (and remembering how many of those awkward yearbook photos we still have to burn), we also took a peek into the future.

As senior year drew to a close, college was just around the corner and our whole tiny world was about to get super-sized. Our futures seemed to be dangling right in front of us, at once filled with uncertainty and potential. Naturally, the only practical way to handle the rest of what life had to offer us was to write a Bucket List of 50 things to do before we die. And so, that is exactly what we did. Enter the start of a list that continues to grow with each passing day.

But what fun is a Bucket List if you don’t actively work to fulfill it? While the movie The Bucket List would suggest it’s possible to complete such a list in under 3 months, realistically we know that we can’t all be Morgan Freeman and therefore can’t accomplish the feats that he can (Spoiler Alert: We can’t compete with the dude who narrates the entire movie, even after he dies). Besides, the only thing on Morgan Freeman’s Bucket List is (1) Be born Morgan Freeman. Thus, he accomplished all he had to do on this earth during the first second he was born and all the other stuff was just a bonus. As for us, it’s never too early to start doing all the things we hope to in this life. That’s why I created this blog, not only to chronicle my own Bucket List, but to fully live into all the moments that make life worth living, and to inspire others to do the same. It may be slow going, but I believe that the only way to live life is knee deep, and I’d love if you’d come along for the ride!


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