Never Put Metal in the Microwave



Pascal Cupcakes

Pascal Cupcakes with my friend, Becca

“Never Put Metal in the Microwave.” If I had a cooking show, that’s what I would call it. It’s one of the first lessons I learned in cooking, right along with never walk away while something is on the stove (to that advice I say, a watched pot never boils. Your move, cautious stove-starer) and never put a fork in the toaster (knives, spoons, and other such utensils are still fair game. It all has to do with the fork prongs..I won’t bore you with the science of it).

My adventures in the kitchen often lead to grand experimentations, which is how I imagine someone discovered that metal and microwaves don’t mix (FYI, neither do oil and water). My very first experiment with preparing a meal occurred after I attended a tea party for my friend’s birthday when I was seven. I wanted to replicate the finger sandwiches for my family, but I couldn’t quite remember all of the ingredients. Instead of cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, I presented my family with peanut butter and pickles. While you would think this sounds delicious, it’s surprisingly just short of edible.

Over a decade later, I think it’s safe to say that I have graduated into the realm of slightly more palatable food. (Mostly because I follow recipes now). I would love to eventually gain a sixth sense for all things culinary, like when to take out the chicken before it gets too dry or how to keep four stove tops going at once while I prepare an elaborate meal. However, this requires dedication to the cause, and can only come with lots of practice.

At school, I took a three hour long cooking class called Seafood Dishes from Around the World where we were able to prepare several different meals, including shrimp ravioli, which I have decided will be my next at-home cooking challenge. It was wonderful to work with others on a recipe; each person brought a different culinary background and technique. At the end of the night we all got to try each meal, and each one was divine.

While I’m at home, I’ve also taken up cooking once a week with my friend Peter in a desperate attempt to save ourselves from starvation once we graduate from college. We’ve made many dishes, but two of our most recent have been salmon with asparagus, and pasta with homemade pesto. (His father once burned lemonade, so I hope you understand what kind of genes we’re dealing with). In the name of all things yummy, I will continue my adventures in cooking until the last peanut butter and pickle sandwich has been long forgotten.

If this post hasn’t made you hungry yet, I implore you to take a look at the gallery below. And, if this happens to make you lose your appetite, I sincerely apologize. Your forgive-me cookies are in the mail.

More cooking episodes to come! Stay hungry!


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