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Places: Hawaii #11: See Sea Turtles

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I find turtles adorable. With their large, patterned shells and their floppy flippers, and their overuse of the word “dude” (maybe I’m just thinking of Crush from Finding Nemo). Anyways, the glorious brethren of the freshwater turtles never fail to captivate me. They’re undeniably majestic creatures, and the fact that they live to for about 80 years lends credence to that unshakeable impression that they are wiser than most other animals. To me, they are emperors of the sea: strong, peaceful, and utterly unflappable. You can argue with me on this theory if you’d like, but you’ve never seen a flustered sea turtle, have you?

Unfortunately, most species are currently endangered, largely due to manmade threats such as commercial fishing. It’s devastating truths like this that never fail to get me fired up. Like, really fired up. (When I was in fifth grade I launched a project called “Save the Rainforest” that I got my entire class involved with after I read 81 pages of bulleted facts and even made an email that had to do with protecting the rainforest..that I used until halfway through high school…whoops). And you can bet I won’t let this issue over turtles rest either.

Over the past few years, I’ve not only had the chance to view sea turtles from a boat (where I was able to snap some pictures), but I’ve also been able to snorkel several times right with them, and paddle board right alongside them. While I’m sure that getting this up close and personal with humans is not the ideal lifestyle for such beautiful creatures, as long as we are respectful of them, I think the relationship is beneficial. No one who gets to  share part of these sea creatures’ world would have the heart to destroy it. Whether a tiny clown fish gets lost and you go looking for him, or you just want to experience the complete beauty of the ocean, sea turtles are going to be a valuable part of that equation.

So, give me some fin, and if you’re feelin’ it, help save the sea turtles or learn more by clicking these links:

World Wildlife Fund: Save the Turtles

World Turtle Trust


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