Keep The Posts Coming: The Blogging Game Plan



A few weeks into my blogging career, I read somewhere that before you start a blog, you should have about a month’s worth of material written, or at least fleshed out. Excellent suggestion, except that for me, it was far too late for that. I had chosen the “put together the machine, then read the instructions” method. But winging it is always more fun, right? It also means that sometimes I’m publishing “Inspiration for Your Day” posts at 10 at night, and that although I tell you more Hawaii snorkeling posts will be coming up soon, you have yet to see them. (I just need to find more pictures, OK?!). This got me thinking about my blogging routine.

Five of my habits:

1. I have the beginnings of at least 35 posts sitting in my drafts box, though it’s unclear what some of those posts are supposed to be about. (The first line of one reads: “What to do get when you combine a lion and a zebra?” I have very little idea where this will go, but I am keeping faith that someday, something interesting will come out of it).

2. I hardly ever write a post all in one sitting. Usually I write bits and pieces at different times of the day.

3. The topic has to be something I’m in the mood to write about, although this means that sometimes I end up posting at inopportune times of the night and that sometimes when I tell you to look out for upcoming posts, “upcoming” might mean three or four weeks from now.

4. Sometimes I stalk myself on Facebook or go through old family photos to jog my memory about fun escapades.

5. My long-term game plan is to have plenty more adventures so I always have something to write about.

Reflecting on my own habits got me thinking about how others handle their blogs, and it made me want to hear about some of your tactics and preferences. What’s your long-term blogging game plan? How do you make time to write? How do you decide what to write about? What do you do to feel inspired?


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  1. I didn’t have anything planned either. I set up the blog and then realized “uh oh” I need to write something entertaining every day. But’s its a refreshing challenge, I like that I’m forced to be creative every day!

      • I am in college and…it’s hard. The thing you have to decide is how much blogging means to you? Does it do something for you? I’ve found that blogging is so much more than a creative outlet to me; it’s a way to help me think, I believe it makes me brighter.

        So (getting to the point) if you decide that blogging means a lot to you then you are going to have to make sacrifices. When school is in session, I hardly watch television or go out with friends. I’m doing school work, reading and blogging.

        However, you do need to get inspiration from the outside world every now and then. In this case I recommend going out and enjoying life…but take a notepad with you. In fact, keep this notepad with you at all times, considering it your second phone. That way you can always jot down ideas when inspiration hits but you don’t have to flesh out whole post right then and there.

        When it comes down to it, I get less sleep and don’t see my friends as often. So I guess I don’t really have any insights to share, I’m sorry. But I know you’ll be fine, just remember that of course it’s important to do homework, but it’s equally important to do what you love, if not more. When it comes down to it, I make sure however much time I spend on work, I spend on things I love.

        Let me know how it goes for you and if you discover any tricks or tips, please share!

      • That’s all wonderful insight, and I really appreciate it! I love the idea of the notebook; I’m definitely going to need that. And I agree that blogging is an important creative outlet and that it’s worth making sacrifices where you need to. I guess that what it comes down to is trying to be balanced, as Celeste suggests. Thank you so much for sharing, Lindsey!(: I will definitely let you know how it goes! And good luck to you(:

  2. Nope – no game plan for me either! I was pretty excited in the beginning, however; and wrote posts late into the night. I got burnt out on this fast and try to take a more balanced approach to blogging now. I don’t always succeed at this, however; and my husband sometimes gets frustrated with how much time I’m on the computer. Oh well – I’m trying to maintain balance as best that I can. Celeste 🙂 PS – I look forward to your lion and zebra post!

    • Well it can be hard to always be balanced. Sometimes all you can do is try your best, and it sounds like you’re doing that(: I think that I may need to follow your lead and work out a way to be balanced, especially when school starts back up! And thank you, I’ll let you know when it comes out(;

  3. It’s a hard thing to plan. Sometimes I feel like writing very long, serious posts and other times I just want to put down something snappy and humorous. I’m still figuring out the code. My biggest question is do you consciously develop a blog style/personality, or does it develop naturally over time? I just bought a book on Social Media Marketing for work. It has a chapter on WordPress and content planning. I’m excited to read that one!

    • I agree; it depends on the topic and your mood so it definitely can be a difficult thing to plan. That’s a really interesting question to contemplate! I personally feel like it’s something that you can work to develop, but ultimately it evolves on its own as you go. What’s the name of your book? It sounds like a great read!(:

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