Become an Angel for Talia: Talia Joy Castellano’s Bucket List


600552_10201372486858136_1043826923_nAfter 6 years of battling cancer, 13 year old YouTube star Talia Joy Castellano passed away Tuesday morning. She was a brave, vibrant, and beautiful girl, and while I’m sure that no description of mine could do her justice, the project led by Talia’s Angels says it all. Five days before she died, she wrote a bucket list with 70+ items she wanted to complete. Since her passing, her supporters from across the world have come together to finish the list in her honor, calling themselves Talia’s Angels. Another shining example of Talia’s spunk and charm? The Bucket List itself.

Talia’s Bucket List:

Things I want to do before I die…

  1. Pull 5 all nighters
  2. Leave my handprint in wet cement
  3. Dance in the rain
  4. Go to the beach for a month
  5. Go to California for 2 weeks or more
  6. Go on a road trip to Cali on a tour bus
  7. Go on a road trip with no destination
  8. Give flowers to a stranger
  9. Buy an underwater camera
  10. Have a huge water balloon fight
  11. Jump in a pool of jello
  12. Jump in a pool of whipped cream
  13. Paint war
  14. Have a HUGE pool party
  15. Go on a shopping spree with friends
  16. Send a message in a bottle
  17. Go fishing in the ocean
  18. Have a mud fight
  19. Meet a baby monkey
  20. Cake Fight
  21. Say yes to everything for a day
  22. Have a long outdoors day
  23. Write a letter to my crush
  24. Cover a car in sticky notes
  25. Drop a water melon
  26. Play messy twister [paint placed on each dot]
  27. JB concert
  28. Pink Concert
  29. Usher Concert
  30. Drink from a coconut
  31. Bonfire at the beach
  32. Cruz!
  33. Parasailing
  34. Meet Kylie + Kendal Jenner
  35. Hot air balloon
  37. Go water rafting
  38. Ride horses with friends
  39. Sing around a camp fire
  40. Be Loved
  41. Free hugs all day
  42. Mall scavenger hunt
  43. Take a photo every day of summer
  44. Go paddle boarding
  45. Surf…….
  46. Drive in movie
  47. Body paint
  48. Make a whole outfit from scratch
  49. Go to NYC and do whatever I want
  50. Get really tan
  51. Put a secret in a balloon and let it go
  52. Burn secrets
  53. Go Canoeing
  54. Deep clean my room
  55. Add a lot more color to my room
  56. Do a huge Look Book
  57. Do a meet in 5 different states
  58. Help a “new-be” with cancer
  59. Go to a LIM “Show”
  60. Have my own Mac collection
  61. Make my own lipstick
  62. Have a youth mature clothing line
  63. Make a collage
  64. Take a makeup class
  65. Be on a set for a movie
  66. Go to wet n wild with a group of friends
  67. Stay in a cabin
  68. Get a tattoo
  69. Get my nose pierced
  70. Get my belly pierced
  71. Go to Discovery Cove

So be an angel and honor Talia by completing something on her Bucket List, or by going out and making your own.

Visit her Facebook Page


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