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Franti’s new album: All People

“Are you listening to that song again?!” My brother asked as he walked by. To set the record straight: Obviously not…I may have put the song on yet another time, but I had really put earplugs in so I could see if my whale noises sounded more believable in my head. OK, that’s a lie. I was listening to it again. (But the whale noises do sound more believable in your own head in case you wondering. I’ll put myself on pause while you go try it. Convinced?) While I tend to listen to any newly purchased song over and over again, I’ve only ever bought 4 pop songs in my life immediately after hearing them on the radio. Michael Franti’s new single I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) released off of his “All People” CD just became the fifth. (You can check the song out on iTunes. It has the Alyssa Seal of Approval right over Franti’s face. What can I say? He was just that proud of it).

“What place does a song have on a Bucket List Blog?” You may be asking. First of all, you know I only allow questions once you’ve done 7.5 push ups and recited the alphabet backwards, but I’m feeling generous so I’ll let this one slide. Second: in my opinion, anything that has to do with living a good life has a place on a BLB. (No, don’t read that as “B.L.B.” read it as a word like “blb”, it’s more fun that way). Franti is a big proponent of peace and acceptance, and he’s all for living life to our best capabilities. I’m Alive is no different: it exudes happiness and possibility. While it may not be a song that stands the test of time or gains recognition from the members of the SSSSS (No, not the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Sisters…the Special Singing Society of Song Snobs), I don’t think that it has to. Any song that consistently puts a smile on my face and makes me totally happy is one that I find invaluable. Besides, what song could be more BLB worthy than one that reminds us to reflect on what our own life sounds like?(:

“Well, how many times have you listened to it today?” You ask out of curiosity. Woah, cool your jets, Persnickety Penelope. That’s 15 push-ups you owe me now, and I’m making you hold the last one for pointing out that I just made up the name Persnickety Penelope. And the joke’s on you because I plead the 5th. ‘Cause whenever people do that it always means that they’re completely innocent and not that they bought a song yesterday and it’s already on their Top 25 Most Played List.

While I hope that I’m Alive is a song you enjoy, my taste in music tends to be very eclectic, so I won’t be offended if this one falls outside of your musical sensibilities. However, I do feel inclined to make it known that anyone who disagrees with me is a member of the SSSSS…But feel free to form your own opinions if you can live with who that makes you.

What did you think of Franti’s single? What are the songs that make you happy to listen to?


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  1. Catchy tune and even catchier message 😉 I know you couldn’t have reached your listening quota yet today so go check out the video on YouTube if you haven’t seen it yet. It brought a smile to my face. After finishing my 15 push-ups, I throw them right back at you. You asked me two questions at the end of your post 🙂 Well, at least we’ll all be in shape!

    Seriously, though, I really enjoy reading your posts. They are so insightful and entertaining. They make me think and laugh at the same time. And that is a recipe for happy days 🙂

    I have a rather eclectic music mix also. I remember listening to Pandora a few weeks back and having the new Sara Bareilles song “Brave” come on. I usually have my music on in the background and that one immediately grabbed my attention. I loved the tune, the beat, and of course the lyrics behind it to be brave and not be afraid to speak your mind and do what you need to do.

    Isn’t it awesome how music can shape our moods so effortlessly? Crap, off to do another 7.5 push-ups 😉

    • I saw the music video yesterday!(: He’s a happy dude! Hahaha, Dave–you made me laugh out loud. Although part of any rule I make is the clause that I am exempt from my own rules, I did fifteen push ups in honor of your cleverness. I was on the train when I got this, so needless to say that was the most awkward set of pushups I’ve ever done. (I kid–I was in a dress, they had to wait till I got home).

      But thank you so much! I likewise always appreciate your posts and your kind, perceptive comments.

      It’s so funny that you should mention that song…Coincidentally, I was listening to it when I read your comment! I’m also a big fan of it, and I’ve played it almost as much as I’m Alive(; I think it has a great message, and in a way, it relates to the discussion we had about our Complacent Corners.

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