An Acceptance Speech: The Liebster Award


liebster-awardIs there such thing as being fashionably late to accept an award? Because I’m going to go ahead and assume that even though I’m wearing shorts with paint on them and an Old Navy shirt I stole from one of my guy friends that I’m pretty fashionable because it’s been a month since I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the very lovely Lindsey @ The Day Dreaming, Candy Eating, Red Headed Bookworm. (I am not ashamed to see that winning the Versatile Blogger Award has evidently tricked others into giving me awards as well). The great thing about online awards is that I’m pretty sure you can take as long as you need to write your acceptance post, and there is no chance you will trip up the stairs when you go to accept your award. And even though I can’t see you giving me a standing ovation, knowing that you’re doing it from afar is enough for me. (Now please sit down, you’re embarrassing yourself).

I must admit that I’m very flattered that Lindsey thought of me for this award. She herself is an exceptional blogger who has won the Liebster Award twice and deservedly so. She is wonderfully creative and humorous, and incidentally is extremely well-read which means she always has insightful posts and reviews. She has such a marvelous power to appeal to all different types of audiences (even the kind that still hold the book upside-down while pretending to be erudite…Look, if the whale on the front of Moby Dick is flipped over then it’s a dead give away). She’s so good at what she does that several pandas from the San Diego Zoo have learned the human language so they can read her blog regularly. (What I’m saying is there’s hope for you too). Now that even the non-booky people are convinced of her absolute brilliance, here’s that conveniently placed link again: Lindsey @ The Day Dreaming, Candy Eating, Red Headed Bookworm.

In compliance with the rules, I will now answer Lindsey’s Questions:

1. What is something you are determined to do before you die?

For some strange reason, I feel like I should have an answer to this question…Too bad I don’t have a list anywhere on hand. Well, I guess I’ll have to sum it up by saying that what I want to do before I die is live a good, happy life.

2. What is a memory that makes you smile?

While I was doing the classic J.D. from Scrubs “tilt your head to the left and stare off into space while contemplating a question” I saw the picture on my desk of my baby cousin and I at the family reunion last year. Meeting her for the first time was such a wonderful and happy occasion(:

3. Where do you prefer to read?

Anywhere quiet and cozy

4. Do you have a hero or heroine? Why are they so?

I have many, but for the sake of time I will exclude family members. Steve Irwin, for being the completely fearless adventurer I always wanted to be, and Paul Farmer for teaching me that an individual with a huge heart can truly change the world.

5. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Dog person. Though many cats would beg to differ. They seem to like me. I do not know why.

6. How do you fight writer’s block?

I have often found that the best way to fight any sort of block is to learn karate. I’ve seen those dudes chop blocks in half with their bare hands…sometimes even their heads. But, if you’re like me, karate may only be a word in your vocabulary and not necessarily a valid skill. So, to fight writer’s block I do one of two things: I take a break from it completely for a while, and come back when I’m feeling ready, or I write down everything in my head without worrying about being organized or making it into a finished product right away. Then I can work with my ideas until the rest falls into place.

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

The community interaction. Writing a blog post wouldn’t be nearly as fun if I didn’t get feedback from WordPress members, and I always enjoy reading their posts and learning from them as well.

8. Do you have any recommendations for other bloggers?

Take it easy, and “do you”. When I first started blogging, I was terrified of what people would think of what I wrote. Would it be exciting enough? Extreme enough? Funny enough? Would I have to jump off a cliff every other weekend to get people to read what I wrote? I didn’t even want my friends to see that I had a blog because I was too embarrassed about what they’d think. But there comes a time when you just gotta say “Screw It,” put the cap back on your soda bottle, and then tell your friends about your blog. Cause even if they don’t get jokes like that one (if I have to explain it I will, but then it won’t be funny), you just have to do your thing and not worry about what other people think about what you write or do. And hey, my friends turned out to be awesome supporters, like I should have known they would be.

9. Do you like it when it’s  a sunny day or a cloudy day?

Sunny day. I don’t really like grey days, but I think there is always room for a good rain shower.

10. Are a fast reader or slow reader?

It depends how much I like the book…I’d say I’m pretty average.

My Nominations:

1. Dave Cenker

2. Pentamusings

3. Castles In Europe

4. Iltana

5. Kat Kinnie’s Blog

6. Makya Mcbee VS.

7. Living Big

8. We Come From NY

9. My Life Lived Full

10. Tips for Living Your Best Life

My 10 Questions:

1. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

2. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

3. What’s a story that you always pull out of your pocket at parties?

4. If you could live forever, would you? And why?

5. What’s one talent that you wish you had and why?

6. Where’s your favorite place on earth?

7. If you could put one animal in charge of leading the world besides humans, what kind would it be?

8. Where is Waldo?

9. What’s your idea of the greatest vacation?

10. What’s one of your favorite blog posts you’ve ever written so we can all go read it?


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  1. Your thoughtful, insightful, and entertaining writing style deserves any and all awards that are cast in your direction: past, present, and future. I am happy to have provided a cog in the wheel of awards that you will surely garner throughout your blogging endeavors 😉

    I think we each provide a glimpse into our own lives and thoughts through our own blogs. We choose what we wish to share with the world through our own choices. I especially like this award because it asks the nominee to answer questions that may not be in the forefront of their consciousness.

    Thank you for another engaging read. In reading the answers to your questions, I can see how and why I relate so well to your ideas, philosophy, and approach to life. You are a gifted writer and I look forward to following your beautiful words as they continue to attract others and provide your unique and meaningful contribution to the world 😉

    Also, thank you very much for your generous nomination. It is appropriate that the German word Liebster translates to ‘beloved’ in English. Coming from one of my most beloved authors in the blogging world, it is very apropos and I look forward to putting some thought into the questions you pose 🙂

    Have a wonderful and inspired day and as you say, please continue to “do you”. Many people, including myself, will thank you for it with each post you publish 😉

    • Dave, thank you so much for your support and kind words. You always know how to truly brighten someone’s day and make them feel like a million bucks!(: I couldn’t be more excited to pass this award along to you; I learn so much from every single one of your posts. They make me think, smile, and more importantly, they make me grow as a person as your beautiful prose opens my eyes to new perspectives. I truly admire you and your work, and I am so happy that you are back so I don’t have to go another week without your inspiration! Thank you so much for all that you do! Have a wonderful week(:

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  4. Thanks for the nomination, I have answered your questions with all due diligence and wish you the very best in your continued blogging success. (Also, please keep nominating me for more awards).

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