How Do You Like ‘Dem Apples?


Have you ever read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? If you haven’t, you’re banned from reading this blog until you go read it. You think I’m joking? I never joke about cookies. And I only joke about mice on alternate Mondays.

The adventure I had to Carter Mountain with two of my suitemates very much resembles this childhood book, and it all began on one very misty mountain morning. The man explaining where each type of apple was located gave us these instructions: “Go down the road that you can’t see, take a right at the sign that you trip over, and pick from the first tree that you bump into”. So that’s exactly what we did…..

If You Give The Suitemates A Free Weekend….Then they’re going to go Apple Picking


When the suitemates want to go apple picking, they’re going to pile into a car and take a road trip to Carter Mountain.


When they make it to Carter Mountain, they’re going to want to go pick some Jonagolds.


And when they go to pick some jonagolds, they’re going to be too short to reach the tree….


And even though they’ll improvise, they’re going to ask for an apple picker.


When they get an apple picker, they’re going to pretend that they’re warriors.


And if they pretend that they’re warriors, then they’re going to put mud on their faces like war paint.


After they’ve put mud on their faces and battled like warriors, they’re going to be pretty thirsty, and will probably ask for a glass of cider.


When they get a glass of cider, then they’re going to be pretty darn content.

Bottom line, if you let the suitemates go apple picking, they’re going to have a grand old time.


PS: Emily we missed you! Wish you could have come!


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  1. Looks like an awesome time! Growing up in the northeast, I really miss the lack of a fall season here in Florida. Although I am sure that the apples and cider were mighty tasty, I am sure that the best part of this expedition was the memories made with good friends 🙂 Is that an apple pie I smell? 😉

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