Back to the Future? That’s ambitious. How about just “Back to Blogging”?


I know what you’re thinking: “Ooo ooo someone’s coming! Must. Not. Pee. From. Excitement.” Ahem, pardon me, my telepathy seems to have been hijacked by the neighbor’s dog. (At least I sure hope that was my neighbor’s dog). You’re thinking: “Where on earth have you been? It’s been a month!”

Since my telepathy skills are clearly very on point today, why don’t we chat about this right now. You won’t have to do any heavy lifting–just sit back while I read your mind:

*Traveling deeper and deeper into the dark caves of your mind. It’s kind of cluttered in here. And I keep running into Barry Manilow. But I found your car keys! Alright, focusing…*

You: It’s been a month!

Me: Has it really? I could have sworn it’s only been half that time. But I also wrote November 29, 2009 on my homework the other week…so what do I know.

You: Why weren’t you here when I needed you??

Me: I didn’t have a choice! Or any left-over brainpower!

You: You always have a choice! And you didn’t have any brain power to begin with.

Me: Touché.  But you would be in the same boat if you accidentally got a CIA supercomputer downloaded in your head and then had to save the world! Or if you were a wizard that had to fight he-who-shall-not-be-named with his rag tag band of friends!

You: ….Or if you were struggling to use the plots of Chuck and Harry Potter to get yourself out of trouble.

Me: You watch Chuck?! Finally, someone who understands. Did you see the one where Ellie goes to—

You: Ahem.

Me: OK. Fine. It wasn’t that exciting. School got busy before Thanksgiving and then it was finals. And professors generally don’t like it if you tell them that you failed your accounting exam because you were busy blogging about going to opening night of Anchorman 2 dressed as Ron Burgundy. Unless they’re not your accounting professor. Then they probably don’t care..

You: Well, I guess I understand. And I’m frankly just too excited to have you back to be angry! Must. Not. Pee.

Sorry, I seem to have lost you again..but I think we had a good talk. And thanks for the thoughtful poster. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing me around the blogging sphere a lot more often from now on.


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  1. You have returned just in time to provide a smile, giggle, and laugh at just the right time. Truth be told, I have been wondering where you have been. And although my mind is always somewhat cluttered, I am pretty sure it is Manilow-free. Until right now, thanks for that 😉

    Seriously though, when one of your favorite bloggers returns from the depths of the college abyss, it is a very good day 🙂 I hope you are having a relaxing break, a happy holiday season, and many tidings of comfort and joy 🙂

    Now, go pee (and write some more) 😉

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