What Does Happiness Mean To You?


"The purpose of our lives is to be happy" -- Dalai Lama

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy” — Dalai Lama

Recently–or not so recently, depending on your definition of nearly three months–the subtitle of The Knee Deep Life underwent a makeover to become “A Journey of Choosing Happiness”. I could say that all the time that has lapsed since this change was caused by my busy schedule, and I wouldn’t be lying. But, I wouldn’t be telling the full truth either.

There’s an underlying worry that’s nagged me since I chose to make the move…How does one write about happiness? Happiness has always been an important focus in my life, and there is nothing I enjoy more than making others happy too. But happiness is an intimidating subject.

It’s something that’s so simple yet so difficult to pin down or define. The things that we think will make us instantly happy often don’t, and the things that do make us happy are sometimes unexpected. And perhaps most difficult of all, the advice or conclusions that we draw from our own lives could come across as sanctimonious or even downright inconsiderate of others’ situations. My thoughts on happiness on a bad hair day will inevitably be different than my thoughts on happiness after losing a beloved pet. Happiness isn’t always an immediate answer, nor should it be. Grieving is often an important element of any journey towards happiness.

So here is the inevitable disclaimer: This blog is meant for the average Joe or Joette who may need a happiness boost in their daily life, and while I sincerely hope it helps some of you along your journeys, it is not meant to be a roadmap for every situation nor will everything I write be applicable to your unique circumstances. The most I can do is write based on my own experiences and opinions, hoping that you may find some tidbits that resonate with you or can be applied in your life. And if all I can do is help you feel better when you’re having a bad hair day, then I guess I’ll take it! With that, I hope that while I travel my own journey of choosing happiness you will choose to travel yours along with me!


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  1. I am feeling rather philosophical today so please excuse me stepping onto the deep thinking soap box 😉 When you do things that make you happy, you cast an aura of happiness to everyone in your circle. That is, in part, why I have always enjoyed your blog so very much. You remain true to yourself, you exude happiness, joviality, and positivity through your words. And it is contagious in the best way possible. This is a wonderful message and I am certain that your journey of choosing happiness will be very rewarding with your mindset, even on a bad hair day 😉 It’s great to see you back in the blogoshpere Alyssa, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Dave! (Sorry I’m a bit late in replying…) I think you’re absolutely right, and although when I wrote this post I can’t say I completely understood what made me happy to write about (hence the long pause). It took me a few tweaks of a subtitle to get there (including changing from this one to what I have now), but I think I can finally say that I’ve figured it out! If only I’d been more on top of reading comments, then I might have heeded your wise words sooner!(: Have a wonderful week!!

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