Hello, WordPress. Remember Me?


It's that girl! You know...the one who...who did that thing...

It’s that girl! You know…the one who…who did that thing…

No, it’s not Liam from One Direction finally coming to ask you to marry him, and it’s certainly not the stuffed teddy bear named Jerry that you dropped out of the car window when you were three and hadn’t yet come to terms with the laws of physics. But it is that girl who used to write this blog, coming back (again) to explain her lapse in writing (again).

It’s been nearly four months since I last posted about the newest makeover to my blog and made it seem like I was coming back for good. And now, I’m about to make a slightly similar post, although hopefully with a different outcome. Over the past two years, KDL has gone through some serious ups and downs. It’s gone from a bucket list blog, to a happiness blog, to nothing, to a revised happiness blog and then back to nothing again. I kept making changes to my blog’s subtitle, hoping that it would get me closer to the type of blog that I’ve always wanted to have. But nothing I changed made it feel right.

I tried to publish posts once my blog transitioned to “A Journey of Choosing Happiness”; believe me, I did. I tried writing about the science of happiness, about tricks and tips for getting happier and staying happy. Yet, even once I’d finished a post I couldn’t bring myself to publish it because it didn’t have my voice, it didn’t have a story, and it didn’t feel like me. I certainly didn’t gain happiness from reading it or writing it, so how could I expect others to? In the months of not posting, I realized something that I couldn’t have realized before trying that type of happiness blog and failing. And that is this: I don’t want a “happiness blog,” I just want a blog that makes others happy.

It doesn’t need a list of things to be crossed off of a bucket list or the hottest collection of hard-core science straight from the positive psychology books, and it doesn’t need a theme. It just needs writing by someone who is happy writing it. So recently, I made a subtle change to the subtitle. It now says The Knee Deep Life: A Journey. That’s it. It’s just one grinning girl living her life, writing because it gives her joy, and attempting to spread some good KDL cheer to anyone who needs it.



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  1. I think that the moment we become stagnant and force ourselves to write about one particular theme, subject, or genre, the joy dissipates and it shows through the emptiness in our words. Sure, we may throw out some whiz-dingers (yep, just made that up), but if there is no emotion or feeling behind them, it lacks the ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes it uniquely us. When you feel that tingly feeling all over your skin when you hit the publish button, you know you’ve got it (just make sure that there isn’t a swarm of fire ants climbing up your leg to blame first).

    I have shifted my focus lately into the realm of short stories and I have been enjoying it. I love the analogy that we shouldn’t be writing about happiness. We should be happy with whatever we are writing and the rest will take care of itself 😉

    Hey, every journey has pit stops along the way, times to stop on the side of the road, reflect and rejuvenate. Maybe that’s just what you needed. But, truth be told, I am happy to see you back on the road so we can all tag along with you on your road journey. It’s a good day in the blogging world, welcome back Alyssa 🙂

    • You are so right, Dave! I love that new term: Whiz-dingers! If you don’t mind, I may hang onto that one for the day when I publish my dictionary of made-up words!(: You know, I have fallen victim to the tingly-because-this-post-is-great-nope-it’s-just-fire-ants mixup before, so that is wise advice! You know–I saw some of your creative short stories, and they are absolutely incredible! (Though I expected nothing less from a writer such as yourself). I’m super excited to catch up with what you’ve written over the past few months!(: Have a wonderful day, Dave, and thanks for reading!

    • Thank you, Joanne! I’m still working on establishing the type of blog that I want, but I think that I’m heading down the right path! And I always enjoy learning from how others such as yourself organize their blogs!(:

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