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Happy First Day of Fall!



Some Ideas for Your Autumn Bucket List:

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch
  2. Decorate or carve pumpkins
  3. Bake pumpkin bread
  4. Go apple picking
  5. Drink Apple Cider
  6. Watch a Halloween Movie
  7. Have a picnic
  8. Roast s’mores
  9. Go to a football game
  10. Put up some fall decorations
  11. Go to a fall festival
  12. Jump in a leaf pile
  13. Go on a fall hike
  14. Make fall-inspired cookies
  15. Be thankful

Life Sounds Like

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 8.29.26 AM

Franti’s new album: All People

“Are you listening to that song again?!” My brother asked as he walked by. To set the record straight: Obviously not…I may have put the song on yet another time, but I had really put earplugs in so I could see if my whale noises sounded more believable in my head. OK, that’s a lie. I was listening to it again. (But the whale noises do sound more believable in your own head in case you wondering. I’ll put myself on pause while you go try it. Convinced?) While I tend to listen to any newly purchased song over and over again, I’ve only ever bought 4 pop songs in my life immediately after hearing them on the radio. Michael Franti’s new single I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) released off of his “All People” CD just became the fifth. (You can check the song out on iTunes. It has the Alyssa Seal of Approval right over Franti’s face. What can I say? He was just that proud of it).

“What place does a song have on a Bucket List Blog?” You may be asking. First of all, you know I only allow questions once you’ve done 7.5 push ups and recited the alphabet backwards, but I’m feeling generous so I’ll let this one slide. Read the rest of this entry

Become an Angel for Talia: Talia Joy Castellano’s Bucket List


600552_10201372486858136_1043826923_nAfter 6 years of battling cancer, 13 year old YouTube star Talia Joy Castellano passed away Tuesday morning. She was a brave, vibrant, and beautiful girl, and while I’m sure that no description of mine could do her justice, the project led by Talia’s Angels says it all. Five days before she died, she wrote a bucket list with 70+ items she wanted to complete. Since her passing, her supporters from across the world have come together to finish the list in her honor, calling themselves Talia’s Angels. Another shining example of Talia’s spunk and charm? The Bucket List itself.

Talia’s Bucket List:

Things I want to do before I die…

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Happy Fourth of July Eve!



What, that is a thing, right? You know, the one with Saint Independence running around with a stars and stripes shield knocking on doors and asking for candy? I’m 60% sure that exists, but maybe that’s just a mash up of Christmas, Halloween and Captain America. And maybe Fourth of July Eve only exists for people who have too many fireworks to set off all in one night, or for the people who are stuck cooking for the gaggle of people all arriving tomorrow.

Regardless, this is the time of year when patriotism starts running wild and free (and causes various, firework-induced incidents). Wherever your Fourth of July Bucket List leads you (friends’ houses, BBQs, jail), there is one thing you should keep in mind above all else. While I love showcasing Independence Day pride in my American Flag toga as much as the next red, white and blue clad citizen, I think what’s most important on the Fourth of July is not what our country accomplished in the past, but what we should be looking to accomplish in the future. That is to say that the holiday is not just about socking it to the Brits (because let’s face it, they have OneDirection, so I don’t think they’re feeling too sorry for themselves), it’s about remembering that America stands for freedom, equality, independence, and love.

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Inspiration for Your Day


“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

6409_1224659740623_456984_nYes, I know that publishing this at 10:20 at night might seem to defeat the purpose of “Inspiration for Your Day,” but I prefer to take the glass-half-full approach and simply suggest that this still works wonderfully for people halfway around the world in China who are just starting their days, or perhaps even the people in Hawaii, for whom the day is still young. Even if you’re about to hit the hay, it might not be such a bad idea to fall asleep contemplating this notion of wind and sails.

When I read Dean’s words, I think of volleyball. And no, it’s not because I once tried to use a sail as a net and it kept getting blown over so I had to incessantly readjust it. It’s because we have a phrase in the sport that’s called “better the ball”. It means that the ball isn’t always going to come right to you, or land just where you want it to, but you have to do the best with what you’re given. In the same vein, the wind doesn’t always make things easy for you when you’re out on the ocean, and life doesn’t always propel you from one magical circumstance to the next.

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Escape to Hawaii


Recently, I was inspired to post my own 2012 summer vacation photos from Hawaii after seeing another wonderful blogger’s photos from Aruba (see the link below). Here is a quick glimpse of some photos that make me smile; I hope they make you smile too. Be sure to keep an eye out for more photos when I recount some Hawaiian adventures in upcoming posts(:

And I want to know, which photo speaks to you? 

If you’d like to prolong this vacation by hopping on over to Aruba, please check out “Do You Want to Go to Aruba?” by Lesley Carter, the post that put me in the mood for some vacation throwbacks.