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Hello, WordPress. Remember Me?

It's that girl! You know...the one who...who did that thing...

It’s that girl! You know…the one who…who did that thing…

No, it’s not Liam from One Direction finally coming to ask you to marry him, and it’s certainly not the stuffed teddy bear named Jerry that you dropped out of the car window when you were three and hadn’t yet come to terms with the laws of physics. But it is that girl who used to write this blog, coming back (again) to explain her lapse in writing (again).

It’s been nearly four months since I last posted about the newest makeover to my blog and made it seem like I was coming back for good. And now, I’m about to make a slightly similar post, although hopefully with a different outcome. Over the past two years, KDL has gone through some serious ups and downs. It’s gone from a bucket list blog, to a happiness blog, to nothing, to a revised happiness blog and then back to nothing again. I kept making changes to my blog’s subtitle, hoping that it would get me closer to the type of blog that I’ve always wanted to have. But nothing I changed made it feel right.

I tried to publish posts once my blog transitioned to “A Journey of Choosing Happiness”; believe me, I did. I tried writing about the science of happiness, about tricks and tips for getting happier and staying happy. Yet, even once I’d finished a post I couldn’t bring myself to publish it because it didn’t have my voice, it didn’t have a story, and it didn’t feel like me. I certainly didn’t gain happiness from reading it or writing it, so how could I expect others to? In the months of not posting, I realized something that I couldn’t have realized before trying that type of happiness blog and failing. And that is this: I don’t want a “happiness blog,” I just want a blog that makes others happy.

It doesn’t need a list of things to be crossed off of a bucket list or the hottest collection of hard-core science straight from the positive psychology books, and it doesn’t need a theme. It just needs writing by someone who is happy writing it. So recently, I made a subtle change to the subtitle. It now says The Knee Deep Life: A Journey. That’s it. It’s just one grinning girl living her life, writing because it gives her joy, and attempting to spread some good KDL cheer to anyone who needs it.



The Knee Deep Life: A Makeover

The miscreant pie responsible for keeping me away from you

The miscreant pie responsible for keeping me away from you

I know it’s been a slow start back into my blogging career, but there are some things that you just have to ease into, like yoga or a pair of jeans after your fifth slice of pie. While pie certainly has contributed to distracting me from my blogging goals, I’ve been M.I.A. mainly because I realized I have been falling out of love. Falling out of love with the idea of a Bucket List, that is.

Don’t get me wrong; there are many unforgettable reasons why I fell in love with the Bucket List to begin with. I love that it has pushed me to have new experiences and to try crazy things. I love that it has dared me to escape from my comfort zone and to fight my fears. I love how it made life feel exciting and rich with adventure. But there are are some things that I don’t love about it.

Despite the great strengths of a Bucket List, it has definite drawbacks, the first being that it tends to revolve around the idea of “checking things off”. Sometimes a Bucket List causes you to do something with the underlying temptation of being able to check it off the list–such as standing for eight hours in the world’s most uncomfortable shoes to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower despite your claustrophobia and fear of heights–instead of focusing on the good that comes out of the event itself. Worse yet, the opposite happens, and the Bucket List gives the impression that an activity was completed in order to receive the satisfaction of checking it off. I don’t want to do something nice for someone in order to check it off my list; I want to do something nice for the sake of doing something nice.

And what about the serendipitous things in life? What about the adventures that were unplanned and unexpected? Flying in a helicopter, climbing in a volcano, cutting my own hair, holding an alligator, going sledding on dining trays; these things and many, many more that I have blogged about were in fact completed long before I even wrote a Bucket List or even had the intention of writing one. So if many of the things I have blogged about weren’t even originally on the list, what about the things that are important that never even make it to the list? What about the everyday moments that fill us with the happiness, light, and laughter that we most value in life?

The truth is, at least in my eyes, the Bucket List falls short on all of those fronts. While there are things that I want to do in order to live a good life, none of them come down to a checkbox on a list. While a Bucket List can help motivate me to live big, ultimately it’s not the basis for my life, nor is it what I want as the basis of my blog. But can I be turning my back on a Bucket List lifestyle completely? The answer is no. There are too many things I value about the Bucket List for that to be the case. And while the Bucket List fails to capture the full picture of happiness, it’s still a part of that picture. So this year, I’m simply taking a wider stance.

What can you expect from The Knee Deep Life in 2014? Still some good old Bucket List achievements, but ultimately you can expect a fuller image of adventure, happiness, and life.

May your 2014 be all that you hope for, and may you be Knee Deep in the wonder of it all!

KDL’s year in review as told by pictures:

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Inspiration for Your Day


“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers…The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things. They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

A group of associates of Esperanza International, a nonprofit microfinance institution in the Dominican Republic

A group of associates of Esperanza International, a nonprofit microfinance institution in the Dominican Republic

Back to the Future? That’s ambitious. How about just “Back to Blogging”?


I know what you’re thinking: “Ooo ooo someone’s coming! Must. Not. Pee. From. Excitement.” Ahem, pardon me, my telepathy seems to have been hijacked by the neighbor’s dog. (At least I sure hope that was my neighbor’s dog). You’re thinking: “Where on earth have you been? It’s been a month!”

Since my telepathy skills are clearly very on point today, why don’t we chat about this right now. You won’t have to do any heavy lifting–just sit back while I read your mind:

*Traveling deeper and deeper into the dark caves of your mind. It’s kind of cluttered in here. And I keep running into Barry Manilow. But I found your car keys! Alright, focusing…*

You: It’s been a month!

Me: Has it really? I could have sworn it’s only been half that time. But I also wrote November 29, 2009 on my homework the other week…so what do I know.

You: Why weren’t you here when I needed you??

Me: I didn’t have a choice! Or any left-over brainpower!

You: You always have a choice! And you didn’t have any brain power to begin with.

Me: Touché.  But you would be in the same boat if you accidentally got a CIA supercomputer downloaded in your head and then had to save the world! Or if you were a wizard that had to fight he-who-shall-not-be-named with his rag tag band of friends!

You: ….Or if you were struggling to use the plots of Chuck and Harry Potter to get yourself out of trouble.

Me: You watch Chuck?! Finally, someone who understands. Did you see the one where Ellie goes to—

You: Ahem.

Me: OK. Fine. It wasn’t that exciting. School got busy before Thanksgiving and then it was finals. And professors generally don’t like it if you tell them that you failed your accounting exam because you were busy blogging about going to opening night of Anchorman 2 dressed as Ron Burgundy. Unless they’re not your accounting professor. Then they probably don’t care..

You: Well, I guess I understand. And I’m frankly just too excited to have you back to be angry! Must. Not. Pee.

Sorry, I seem to have lost you again..but I think we had a good talk. And thanks for the thoughtful poster. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing me around the blogging sphere a lot more often from now on.

Inspiration for Your Day


In the end, everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not yet the end. ~Fernando Sabino


Yosemite National Park

Two Elephants and a Giraffe: A Big Thank You



It finally happened! Lauren Conrad’s getting married! And The Knee Deep Life just broke 200 followers! No, not like that–they’re all intact. Mostly. I think. Although 200 followers might not equate to blogging fame, when you have such quality supporters like I do, it counts for a heck of a lot. And if you don’t know what a heck of a lot equates to, let me help break it down for you. Wrapping your head around the enormity of 200 people is hard to do when the dorm party limit is 8, so I had to be resourceful when coming up with other visual aids.

First, I discovered that 200 followers is about 34,000 pounds of pure fanage (I called each of your doctors–it was very important to me). Which, using some very complex and highly accurate calculations equals about 2.27 very large elephants, or about 4.42 small ones. Then I went with height. That’s about 13,400 inches of followers. Which equals about 69.79 small giraffes or 58.4 big ones. And then, just before I tried to tabulate the number of shark followers using teeth (Alright…maybe just after. It’s about 2.4 very toothy sharks), I realized something. Not only is it apparently the easiest to acquire giraffes, none of what I’m doing is making any sense, nor is it making anything easier to visualize.

So I decided I should just get on with it, and write you all a beautiful Thank You Poem:

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